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Photographer Vaughn Teegarden lives in the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains of eastern Tennessee. Most weekends he can be found kayaking, mountain biking or hiking, placing him in some of the most beautiful natural environments Appalachia has to offer. By bringing his camera, he takes you along, and shares his discoveries through this site. Please take your time looking through the galleries, and enjoy.

  • 5/5/2013 - I've been rebooting my process! New photos to come soon.
  • 6/24/2012 - Been insanely busy with commercial work, mostly shooting resorts. As a result, not a lot of new art pics. Enjoying the variety though, so it's all good.
  • 10/18/10 - I hope to be doing some photography here soon: Atrium by Festiva Resorts
  • 1/08/10 - Twenty-one new photos added. I've been sitting on photos, not making updates, for almost a year. My New Year's Resolution? Update more often! So, round one.
  • 1/08/09 - Price reductions across the board. The economy isn't getting any better, so this is my contribution to the economic stimulus plan.
  • 12/22/07 - Added a "Misc" menu item to the top section. The misc area is not about my photography, it's about whatever random stuff I feel like sharing. Go check it out, there is some fun stuff there.
  • 12/10/07 - Added seven new images, including 3 florals.
  • 7/29/07 - Added 11 new images, and added three of the most randomly added items to the homepage. This should self-update from now on.
  • 7/14/07 - Added 27 new images. See Latest Additions
  • 4/13/07 - Added 24 new images
  • 2/22/07 - Major site overhaul, with all new graphics, layout and backend. Also added a couple dozen new images with more to come, and removed some others.
  • 5/18/06 - Added 9 new images, including three great florals, a small falls, and several pictures from the misty Cloudland section of Roan Mtn.
  • 4/5/06 - Added 8 new images. Changed image fader on homepage to use Flash for better compatibility. Finally got page numbers at top *and* bottom of photo list pages.
  • 3/18/06 - Added 18 new images to the Latest Updates section, including 5 new waterfall shots and some snow blasted scenes from Whitetop Mountain. New descriptive text on homepage links.


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