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This is a gallery of various computer errors I've managed to screen capture. Over the years I have seen a lot of computer problems, many of which don't seem funny at the time. But occasionally I have the wherewithall to save it for posterity.


To be, or not to be, that is the error. From an accounting package called MAS.
I can't say for sure if this is an error. It might have been my browser was attempting to compliment me, or perhaps just trying to order some Thai takeout. But judging by the way Firefox locked up completely and wouldn't even let my mouse outside it's window, I'm assuming it's an error.
Not technically an error, but worth a screenshot anyway.  Not often you get offered a battle rifle as a captcha entry.
Setup Icon Would *you* click on it?
Emerald Error So what exactly can I do with it? This was from a RAS dialup account manager package for NT called Emerald.
A required resource was error Was... what?!? Or maybe it's a zen kind of thing. A required resource was, but is no longer. From Eudora Pro 4 I think.
I didn't know computers got tired. But apparently Eudora does.
IE Error Why is this funny? Because I wasn't running IE. I hadn't run it in days. Go figure.
Secure delete error A magnet erasing a cdrom? I suddenly don't trust that my files have been "securely deleted". Steve Lane aka Sarge says he most appreciates the triple-quotes. It's a winner all-around.
Shousiness error This little gem was generated by the Hotdog Web Editor v3.09. You had to bring up a link to a wav file in the preview screen, then click it. What exactly is shousiness anyway? One of my all-time favorites.
So called written error I liked the quotes around "written". Like it was a slang term. Maybe it is to Windows programmers.
Standard device error Now what exactly am I supposed to do with this? This is about as helpful as those boot errors you used to get... "Keyboard not found. Hit F1 to continue..."
A what error?

Main Entry: spu·ri·ous
Pronunciation: 'spyur-E-&s
Function: adjective
Etymology: Late Latin & Latin; Late Latin spurius false, from Latin, of illegitimate birth, from spurius, noun, bastard
Date: 1598
1 : of illegitimate birth : BASTARD
2 : outwardly similar or corresponding to something without having its genuine qualities : FALSE
3 a : of falsified or erroneously attributed origin : FORGED b : of a deceitful nature or quality