Vaughns Photo Art - Fine Art Photography


These were mostly done for fun, occasionally for pay or for a contest. The "Speed enforced by aircraft" was one of my first experiences with the viral nature of the internet... various searches in google images will turn this image up all over the place.


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Billy Joe in a porty potty. I made this to bug my daughter. A total hack job... note the light colored halo around his figure. Bad photoshopping!

Green Day restroom

Green Day restroom scene. Also to bug my daughter. Better quality than the previous image. :)

burning duck

A burning duck.

Druidgrrl, as her own cat.



Pop-art Kevin

Pop-art of my friend Kevin

Kerry vs. Bush

Kerry vs. Bush, based upon an Alien vs. Predator poster.


I thought the image needed something to make it more dramatic. It looks pretty real, don't you think?

Mountain Lion

I made this as the basis for a livejournal avatar for one of my friends.

Pop-art Lorelei

Pop-art portrait of my daughter Lorelei

Plane trailers a canoe

I made this for my dad. He had recently built the cedar strip canoe in the pic.

Route 81 speed enforcement

The famous "Route 81 Speed Enforcement" image. Image Search Results

A nice set of Pierced Boobies

A nice set of pierced boobies.

Pope Sidious

Pope Sidious


Mirrored Dragonfly

Tiffany Rainbow

A livejournal icon I made for my friend Tiffany, because it goes with her personality